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好心地文創前身為一家商業設計公司,其創建於2008年,創辦人兼執行長黃奕杰希冀在傳統產業裡尋求設計注入的可能,認為:「如果要把土地創意談得更加徹底,那就必須讓設計師離開電腦,真正走進台灣鄉下。」於是在2013年成立了第一家台灣在地文產概念店「好,的」,以實地踏察挖掘台灣的Hidden Art,同時,也協助育成微型工藝及食農品牌。 To see good people and good things, And bring back the confidence in Taiwan!
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About The Company Founder

About The Company Founder


好心地文創前身為一家單純的設計公司,其創建於2008年,創辦人兼執行長黃奕杰希冀在傳統產業裡尋求設計注入的可能,認為:「如果要把土地創意談得更加徹底,那就必須讓設計師離開電腦,真正走進台灣鄉下。」於是在2013年成立了第一家台灣在地文產概念店「好,的」,以實地踏察挖掘台灣的Hidden Art,同時,也協助育成微型工藝及食農品牌。在與工藝家共進的過程,好心地文創感受台灣土地創意被理解認同的喜悅,也加深確信台灣土地創意的不可取代性。經過兩年多試驗,好心地文創終於在2015年展開分身護植計劃,走入更貼近創意源頭的南方,在高雄駁二藝術特區開設「好,的 駁二旗艦店」,正式踏出「一城一店、限地文產」的第一步。

To see good people and good things, And bring back the confidence in Taiwan!

Walking in “Howdy”, you cannot help but be attracted by the ingenious products or the crafts. You will also be surprised that the artisans are all from Taiwan.

“Howdy” visit the place of origins and the factories to excavate the creations, which are worth be seen or potential no matter from the ordinary person or the craftsman. They use the knowledge of design to package the creations and use it to add more value to the local designs. Because these people are adamant to prove that there are good crafts in Taiwan, “Howdy” promote the agriculture products and human interest with a will. It makes these goods things to be seen by more people and wish to get back the confidence in Taiwan. This is the thing that “Howdy” wants to do.

打造城鄉產物店 – 工藝是自傲的土產


Build the shop that sells the products from countries.
Crafts are the proud local product.

There are many unknown micro craft brands in Taiwan, and the purpose of establishing “Howdy” is to provide these micro brands a sales platform. Since 2013, at the beginning of founding “Howdy” that sells Taiwanese local products in Taichung, they tried hard to ferment the idea of one-countries-one shops. The flagship shop in “The Pire-2 Art Center” was the first step to fulfill the idea.

“Howdy flagship shop at Pire-2” put more emphasis on the local features and add the products, which are limited to the location. There also held some lessons to provide local artisans to interact with consumers. In the future, “Howdy” hope itself can keep expand more shops in every country, and just like the people, who must visit local souvenir shops to buy the souvenirs. “Howdy” hope Taiwanese crafts can become the first choice for Taiwanese and the must buy souvenir for the foreigners.

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